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Hawks Discount Cards

If you live in North Gwinnett County you’ll want one of these discount cards to save big bucks at lots of local restaurants and vendors. They are only $10! Use it once and it pays for itself. Here’s the current list of merchants: Front of Card – 10% Discount Apple Cleaners* (B) Azar’s Mediterranen Cafe’ [...]

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H2N Mic – I think I ‘need’ one!

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Classic Small Business Marketing Plan

Yesterday I wrote a post about using classic marketing plans in small business, but I didn’t really provide an outline for one.  So, here you go. I’ve talked to hundreds of small business owners about marketing.  99% of them could grow their business significantly and quickly — if they just did this: Build a really [...]

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Billboards Don’t Sell Lawnmowers At YardSales

I had lunch a few weeks ago with a good friend. He’s a small business owner. We’ll call him Rich. Rich wanted to catch up with me. We’ve been friends for a while – maybe 8 years? But, he definitely also wanted to talk about how I could possibly help him with his small business [...]

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Do What You Love

You know those moments when you’re just not sure if you can make a living doing what you love? When that happens, stop back here and watch these…

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Some Cool Photos from Xplode Conference Destin 2011

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

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A Blessed Easter

This made my day…

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I’ve Got Xplode Austin on the Brain

Here’s an update to this post (on 3/1/11) We just uploaded this video from Xplode Austin 2011

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Linkedin “Signals” Dashboard

Have you seen what linkedin is doing with all the ‘updates’ from your network? The way they are presenting the information is very useful. Check out this short video

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